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Beth Robinson, cello; Matt Bullwinkel, accordion; Tony Dumas, guitar; Christie Dumas, percussion.

Beth has been performing traditional music on the cello throughout northeastern US and Canada. She
was a featured performer in February 2002 with fiddler David Kaynor of Massachusetts on
Jay Ungar and Molly Mason's live radio broadcast of Dancing on the Air from WAMC, Albany,NY. She
finds inspiration from other instruments as she experiments with non-classical ways to play the cello.

Matt played with the local contra dance band, "Some Assembly Required" for
many years. His interest in jazz and other styles provide the toe-tapping kick to Celtic
based Frog Bridge ensemble. He was a guest musician on the CD Parallel Lines by Gretchen and
Rebecca Koehler.

Tony Dumas has performed a wide range of music, from classical
to Mariachi. As a student of ethnomusicology at Arizona State University,
Tony experienced the infectious rhythms of West African drumming,
Latin American music, and Flamenco.

Christie Dumas is the newest addition to the group. Torn between wanting to
dance and wanting to play, Christie enthusiastically adds the percussive element.

Todd Moe is a Minnesota native who moved to the North Country four years
ago. His fondest memory of dancing is learning the waltz in his
grandmother's living room, accompanied by the Lawrence Welk Show. He
studied foxtrot, waltz, tango, rumba, chacha and samba while at college,
and is excited to see people of all ages wanting to learn ballroom

Todd Moe and Julie Manders demonstrating the waltz.
Keep an eye open for our monthly "Tango with Todd" workshops. We cover: waltz, rumba, samba, and most importanly, the tango!